Known Configurations

Known Applications

Chassis Codes

  • Legacy:
    • Third generation (1998–2004) – BE, BH
    • Fourth generation (2005–2009) – BL, BP
    • Fifth generation (2010–present) – BM, BR
  • Forester:
    • First generation (1997–2002) – SF
    • Second generation (2003–2008) – SG
    • Third generation (2009–present) – SH
  • Impreza (including WRX & STi and Outback Sport models):
    • First generation (1993–2001*) – GC/GF/GM
    • Second generation (2000–2007) – GD/GG
    • Third generation (2008–2012*) – GE/GH/GR/GV
    • Fourth generation (2012–present) – GP/GJ
  • Baja:
    • First Generation (2003–2006*) – BT
  • Outback (excluding “Outback Sport”):
    • Second generation (2000–2004)
    • Third generation (2003–2009)
    • Fourth generation (2009–present)
  • Outback Sport: See “Impreza” for information on the Outback Sport

Known Speaker Applications for the Spacers

This is a limited list that I have been able to develop from past communications with Subaru owners using my adapters.  As I find more confirmed applications I will add to the list.

Chances are, I can confirm the fit if you contact me with speaker information.

Alpine SPR17C
Alpine SPS-610
Alpine SPE-6000
Alpine SPR-60C
Alpine SPR-60
Alpine SPS-600
Alpine SPR-17S
Alpine SPS-170A
Alpine SPS-610c
Alpine SPS-610
Boston Pro60SE
CDT HD-6 100 Braxial
CDT HD800cf
Focal Access 165CA1 SG
Focal Polyglass 165 CVX
Focal Integration IC 165
Focal Integration IS 165
Focal Performance PC 165
Focal Performance PS 165
Focal Polyglass 170 V
Focal Polyglass 165 V30
Focal Integration 165 VRS
Focal K2 Power 165KRC
Focal K2 Power 165KRC
Focal Performance P165V33
Focal K2 Power 165 KR2
Focal 165KRX3
H-Audio Ebony
Hertz HSK 165
Hertz ECX 165
Hertz HCX 165
Hertz HSK 165XL
Hertz K6L
Hertz Space 6
Hertz ESK 163L
Hertz ESK 165L
Image Dynamics CTX-6
Image Dynamics CTX-6.5cs
Image Dynamics XS-65
Image Dynamics CXS64 v.2
Image Dynamics CTX-65
Image Dynamics X65
Infinity Reference 6032cf
Infinity Reference 6030cs
Infinity Kappa 62.11i
Infinity Kappa 63.9i
Infinity Ref X REF 6502ix
Infinity Kappa 60.9cs
Infinity Kappa 60.11cs
Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1
Infinity Kappa 62.5i
Infinity Kappa 62.9i
Infinity 60.11cs
Infinity Reference 6032si
Infinity Kappa 652.9i
JL Audio C5-650cw
JL Audio TR600-Cxi
JL Audio C2-600x
JL Audio C3-600
JL Audio C5-653
JL Audio TR650-Cxi
JL Audio C2-650X
JL Audio TR650-CSi
JL Audio C2650
JL Audio C3-650
JL Audio C5-650
JL Audio C5-650x
JL Audio ZR650-Csi
JL Audio 6W3v3-4
JL Audio C5-650cw
Kenwood KFC-X168
Kicker DS60
Kicker KS60
Kicker DS6.2
Kicker KS6.2
Kicker 09RS60.2
Kicker DS65
Kicker KS65
Kicker DS65.2
Kicker 09QS65.2
Kicker 10CVT651
Kicker 10CVT654
MB Quart ONX 216
MB Quart ONX 116
Pioneer TS-G1644R
Pioneer TS-A1674R
Pioneer TS-A1684R
Pioneer TS-A1604c
Pioneer TS-D1602R
Pioneer TS-D1702R
Pioneer TS-C172PRS
Pioneer TS-1720C
Polk dB651
Polk dB651s
Polk dB6501
Polk DXi650s
Polk DXi650
Polk DXi6500
Polk MM6501
RF Prime R1675
RF Prime R1675-S
RF Punch P1675
RF Power T1675
RF Punch P1675-S
RF Power T1675-S
RF Power T152s
RF Power T2652-S
RF P165-S
RF P165
RF Prime R165
Polk SR 6500
Morel Maximo
Morel Tempo
Morel Pulse
Kenwood KFC-X173
Kenwood KFC-P709PS

GD/SG Rear applications can be found on the GD/SG Rear Adapter Page:

Rear Spacers

This page will regularly be updated as more installations are confirmed.

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