Rear Speaker Configuration for GD Impreza and SG Forester

I have recently finalized a universal design for the rear of the GD Impreza (including the Outback Sport) and the SG Forester models.  I now have three different materials that I can procure through two different suppliers.

I have been able to secure a 1/4″ PVC material (nearly identical to that used in my 3/4″ front spacers) as well as a pair of “plexiglass” materials- Lexan and Lucite Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) in 1/4″ thickness. 

I have included several pictures below of finished products using all three different types of materials.

In determining what speakers can be used in the rear of these molens (even with spacers), I recommend that owners look at a smaller 5.25″ and not even worry about going with components in the rear.

Polk makes an actual 5″ speaker that will fit back there and have no interference when used in a spacer, and any 5.25″ speaker with a mounting diameter of 4.5″-4.6″ will fit with a lot less trouble than a larger speaker.  Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood all make speakers within the proper specs.  Other options certainly exist, but I have not yet compiled a complete list.

List of 5 or 5.25 inch Speakers Confirmed to Fit

Alpine SPS-510
Alpine SPS-500
Focal 130 CVX
Hertz ECX 100
Hertz EM 130
Hertz EV 130
Image Dynamics CTX-5
Infinity Kappa 50.9cs
Infinity Kappa 52.9i
Infinity Kappa 52.11i
Infinity Reference X REF-5002ix
JL Audio C3-525
Kenwood KFC-1694PS
Kenwood KFC-1394PS
Kicker DS525
Pioneer TS-A1374R
Pioneer TS-G1344R
Pioneer TS-A1375R
Pioneer TS-A1305C
Pioneer TS-D1302R

All of those have cutout specs within the scope of what my rear adapters can handle.  I can go larger, but you have to drill your own mounting holes.  Some have chosen to go that route.


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The Lexan/Lucite ones below are actually “extra” 1/4″ spacers that I made to compliment my front spacers for a REALLY deep application, but I have made GD/SG rear spacers as well.