Pricing Update – NO CHANGES

Everybody know that prices are rising everywhere…except here. From the beginning, our site and the adapters that we offer were intended to be a service to the enthusiast community. We use the “revenue” from selling adapters to keep the site hosted and running. The “profit” isn’t really a big deal, because cars and car audio are a hobby for us. As we got more efficient at making the adapters, material and shipping costs went up and ate any additional “profit” that would result from us being more efficient. On top of that, we have to replace our equipment pretty often, as the materials are really hard on blades and bits. And we also have to eat shipping material costs. But all that said, we are holding prices steady for as long as possible. We keep making adapters because people keep asking for them. And we keep costs the same because we feel that that is the fair price that we- as enthusiasts- would want to pay. Since we started this, material costs are up about 35% (and still rising), shipping costs are up over 50%, and shipping materials are up about 40%. AND our hosting costs have gone up as well. All of this is part of the market, but as long as there is still a desire for the adapters and the information on the site, we will keep the site running.

Thank you again for supporting our car audio community, and please reach out to us if there is an adapter set that you want to see added to our options.

Patrick and Nick