2011 WRX Radar Detector Install

This page describes the install of the Beltronics /Escort / Passport Smart Cord in a 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX. The process will be the same for all 2008-2014 WRX & STi models and Impreza models up to to 2011. The process will be similar for other models and model years.

Parts for the above-mirror mount consist of a universal phone/GPS mount from Amazon and a bicycle seat post clamp (Amazon or any bike store):

 photo rd01.jpg

The universal mount looks like this:

 photo rd02.jpg

Modification of the phone mount:

 photo rd03.jpg

Attachment of the bicycle seat post clamp:

 photo rd04.jpg

Test fit of the mount above the mirror. The benefit of this is to get it up and out of your line of sight (and to make it harder for a cop or thief to spot it) while having unrestricted view of the road ahead. The WRX mirror location allows for it to be mounted above the mirror but below the “dots” at the top of the windshield.

 photo rd05.jpg

The clamp was attached to the mirror stem:

 photo rd06.jpg

With the radar detector mounted it is still below the dots:

 photo rd07.jpg

Visibility of the unit from outside is very difficult:

 photo rd08.jpg

I used a trim tool to stash the cord behind the headliner and weatherstripping. I ran it across the top of the headliner, tucking the wire behind the headliner with a plastic trim tool. I have both of these sets- either will work.

Harbor Freight Nylon Pry Bar Set – 4 Piece

harbor Freight 5 Piece Auto Trim Set

 photo rd09.jpg

The wiring was routed to the lower cubby, just forward of the shifter/console:

 photo rd10.jpg

I secured the mute button / display for the SmartCord with 2-sided tape:

 photo rd11.jpg