It is hard to know who to trust these days on the internet.  All of the vendors below are people or places with whom I have had interactions that are 100% positive.  One bad or unresolved issue and they don’t make this list.  Will your experience be perfect?  Maybe not.  But mine have been.

Technical and specialized electrical assistance:

David Carter (aka SVXdc on Subaru internet forums)

David Carter has more info on the OEM wiring than anyone else that I have encountered on the forums.  He offers sales of OEM integration parts (such as the steering wheel audio controller in my own car) and has all of the wiring or wiring modifications needed to complete the job.  His website is a wealth of technical information, and chances are that if you are on a Subaru forum, you have read the direct or indirect information that he provides to the Subaru community when it comes to integrating aftermarket upgrades to your OEM audio system.

His website is available here:

David will drop-ship items to me to combine shipping on international orders. Please contact either David or I to discuss this option. We have done this numerous times for international customers to save them money on shipping.

Ordering page:

The info on there is amazing.  He is a true asset to the community.


Subaru of Annapolis (MD)

Not only did I purchase my vehicle from them, I also go back to them for all of my OEM parts needs, as well as for many accessories.  Their parts department stocks or has access to many aftermarket parts for your Subaru.  Annapolis Subaru is a big supported of Subaru forums and the whole Subaru scene, so me supporting them with my business is a no-brainer.

Ed Rucker in Sales was one of the best, most professional salespersons that I have dealt with in more than 15 car purchases.  He was a straight-shooter and followed up on every aspect of the sale experience.  He can be reached at 443-837-1400.

As great as Ed was in Sales, Jackie Whetzler in Parts is even better!  Call and ask for her and you won’t be steered wrong.  She has helped me assemble some really odd parts combinations for my WRX (like all of the OEM components for a factory fog light kit except for the lights themselves when I wanted to add aftermarket foglights with all stock wiring and controls).  She is constantly focused on making sure that I get the right parts at the right price.  For many aftermarket parts, she was well below other aftermarket retail prices, plus you get the benefit of working with an established dealership.  Jackie can be reached at 443-837-1420 or via email at

JSC Speed

I have used JSC Speed for several parts purchases.  When the 2011 was first released, there were questions about fit on many suspension components.  JSC Speed worked with me to identify the proper swaybar and suspension link setup to get the right parts for my car.  They offered a generous return policy had we gotten the configuration wrong, but by working with me we were able to get things right the first time.  Good prices, fast shipping.  They also match prices from other internet vendors, so keep that in mind.

Tuning, Service, and Sales:

IAG Performance:

These guys do it all for the Subaru.  Aftermarket and OEM parts sales, service and modifications, tuning, tint, suspension, body work…the whole shebang.  I have used them for parts sales several times and have called them for advice.  They know the cars and steered me to the right parts to meet my needs.  Also did a great job on my window tint and taillight tint (red to cover the chrome-y LED taillights).  They are a few hours from me but were well worth the drive.

They also accept SubieBucks (big bonus there)!

410-840-3555 or on the web at


Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is my source for all kinds of tools and parts.  I buy those oddball tools that you don’t need but you really NEED when they are the only tool for the job.  Who wants to spend Craftsman prices on a part that they will use one or two times in their life?  Not me.  But sometimes you still need that tool to get the job done.  E-Torx sockets, flare-nut (brake line) wrenches, impact socket extensions…paying hardware store prices you’d spend a small fortune on these rarely-used but necessary items.

Harbor Freight is always running sales, 20% off coupons, etc.  Search the internet before checking out anf you can usually find a sale code.  Shipping prices are not too bad, either.  See my “Tools” section for more information on some of the tools that I have and where I got them, but if I am not in a hurry (i.e. need it TODAY), HF is my first chice for hand tools.