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If you are on this website, chances are that it is because I posted a link in response to a thread that you were reading on one of the Subaru forums, or maybe you saw one of my speaker spacer or speaker adapter threads.  At any rate, I am phenryiv1 on most of the forums, so if you have follow up questions about anything that you see on the site or in my posts, feel free to use the contact form on here, send me an email (patrickhenry AT gmail.com), or send me a forum private message.

Important things about me and about this website.

  • I am not an audio professional.  I am a Subaru owner who is an enthusiast and who happens to both love car audio and who loves to tinker with cars.  For almost 20 years, I have been doing shadetree stereo installs in over 100 different vehicles, both my own and those of friends and family.
  • My guides on this site are the best that I can do with the info that I have.  I am not responsible if you break something following these directions, but I do try my best to provide good information.  If you find a mistake, please contact me!
  • I rely on other enthusiasts for information. If you have something to offer, please contact me.  I appreciate info, pictures, etc.
  • If you buy spacers from me, understand that as a non-audio professional, I do my best to get them out the door as fast as possible, but there may be delays if my “real” job, family, etc. get in the way.

All that being said…

I see a lot of questions about swapping out the speakers in many Subaru models. On this site, I’ll try to detail as much as I can the installation for the various Subaru’s that I have access to, namely:

I have three different materials that I can procure through two different suppliers and can discuss custom mounting thicknesses. 

I offer spacers for the front doors and dash of the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, Toyota GT86, the Crosstrek XV crossover vehicle, and the rear of the GD Impreza and SG Forester models. I am also offering a new application for the 2014+ Forester and 2015+ Legacy & Outback front doors. The rears are confirmed to fit with my regular 5-hole adapters.

I have made great efforts to get information regarding other models.  As the info becomes more complete, I will add them to the Subaru Speaker Spacers or Installations pages.

As of right now, I have a pretty extensive list of vehicles in which my spacers/adapters are compatible.  A running list of compatibility can be found at the Known Configurations page.

A note for international customers: I will bundle items to save you on international shipping costs. I can get wiring harnesses and adapters from various sources who will NOT ship internationally and can ship them with the adapters. Additionally, if you are working with David Carter from www.ae64.com, David will drop-ship items to me to combine shipping on international orders. Please contact either David or I to discuss this option. We have done this numerous times for international customers to save them money on shipping.

The biggest thing for Subaru owners to know is that you can’t just yank off the door panels, drop in speakers, and call it a day. If you add more power to the doors, the speakers move more. More cone movement equals more metal reverberation, and that means distorted sound and less efficient reproduction of the music. I’ll be discussing all this plus how to get any speaker to sit solidly in the door using a custom adapter and tried-and-true deadening tactics. Check out the pages for more info.

If you’re interested in the speaker spacers, first check out the info page, then feel free to send me a message through the contact form.

– Patrick